Vision - Mission




Gazi University Sports Talent and Performance Application and Research Center to carry out scientific and technological research and applications by ensuring interdisciplinary coordination in related fields (Medicine, Health, Education, Sports and Engineering).

Innovative scientific research studies and publications, qualified human resources and facilities; sharing and guiding; To be a prestigious center with international qualifications, exemplified in the field of sports sciences and particularly preferred by its stakeholders.


To contribute to the dissemination and development of free thoughts and contemporary advances in sports sciences in the world and in our country; To actively use the performance analysis process, which is a part of performance-based sports success in the light of modern approaches in the field of sports sciences, and to conduct research in the field of sports sciences, to spread it to a wide audience and to renew knowledge; Our mission is to train scientists who have assimilated Atatürk's principles and reforms, who have universal values, question, think rationally and scientifically, develop and protect responsible and ethical values, and provide quality sports services to the society with educational programs in accordance with the country and world standards.

Our Research Center aims to provide scientific support in sports in 3 different groups.

1-To support professional athletes, sports teams, national teams and high-level sportive success.

2-To do talent researches and scans in sports

3- To register by making the tests of the companies that produce sports equipment, to develop software and to make and interpret all laboratory and field tests.

For athletes;

Performing and interpreting all laboratory and field tests

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